Our first article explored how DEEP Blue Soft helps end ever-nagging inventory headaches.  Their highly intuitive visual software is a welcome change from spreadsheets and paper reporting.

Now let’s take a deep dive into the world of the Planned Maintenance System or the PMS Module.

In 2022, DEEP Blue PMS has a level of maturity to match any of today’s new builds and a team with vast experience in setting up the content for this rich functionality.

If an owner’s team and incoming crew have neither the capacity nor experience setting up the equipment list, documentation, spares and maintenance schedules, DEEP Blue is here to assist. Their team has long been transforming shipyard deliverables into an operation-ready vessel management system.

The DEEP Blue approach gathers, shares, validates and then imports a complete data set into the software by the time the boat is launched. They help your team flush out the details and follow best practices for importing and relating to the shipyard build group numbering and interface to your SMS, budget codes, and so on.

If the shipyard does not yet work with internal build group numbers, DEEP Blue can provide a proven architecture as a starting point for defining your onboard equipment.

They help define and deploy the interface to your AMCS if required to capture running hours and equipment reading.

Advanced Approach to Maintenance

In operation, the spare parts you consume can be automatically deducted from stock and added to the Purchase Order module, with its advanced approval workflows and delivery form.

Their extensively-revised Spare Parts module could be considered best-of-breed. It supports QR-codes, barcodes, and advanced multi-item actions to minimise the hassle and time spent ordering and stock-checking the boat’s loose technical inventories of parts, tools, consumables and general stock.

What sets DEEP Blue apart is the richness of all modules, which allows a single point of contact for handling the departmental job lists, whether planned, unplanned, or listed for future refits.

Also unique is the powerful multi-filter that drills down to focus on Tasks per Position, per type, per timeline, with a save to Favourites in one click to re-visit in the future.

The team offers a turn-key solution to roll out DEEP Blue with full content at handover for new builds. For vessels wishing to upgrade from older less-performing software, they offer a migration path with unlimited training for new users to fit quickly into the intuitive but comprehensive DEEP Blue screens.

Chief Officers using the PMS Module can put all safety checks and drills into DEEP Blue, get alerts for those drills, and produce useful reporting to ensure correct procedures have been carried out on schedule.

Resale Value Easier to Estimate

Every Chief Engineer will know that the most essential words for resale value are ‘let me see the maintenance.’

Having that detailed report at your fingertips is invaluable, and DEEP Blue delivers in moments.

In their next release, there will be a five-level equipment structure: a sought-after feature many of the larger yachts are looking for. This all results in a more streamlined process for setting up channels, tanks, running parameters, and running hours.

But it’s not just planned maintenance where the PMS Module excels. Inside the PMS, it can be used as a post-season repair list, logging all the repairs that need to be done on the equipment. Create your own Task Group, so work outside the regular maintenance program, such as seasonal and refit work, can be seamlessly scheduled.

Good Data In, Good Reporting Out

Like everywhere in DEEP Blue Soft, if you’re entering your information accurately, the reporting is exceptional, complete, and detailed – a custom report is easy to do in just a few clicks.

PMS, Spare Parts and Finance are all intertwined with the new Purchase Order module. This new update is a true team player connecting all these modules, including Inventory, with one click. Unnecessary spending is reduced, and users can create purchase orders with a multi-level approval system.


PO allows the crew to create wish lists for all items that must be restocked in Spare Parts and Inventory. This helps the crew keep track of what they need, and management keeps track of what they will spend. The wish list is not an obligation of purchase but a shopping list for all your valuable expenses.

A quote is sent to Finance with a few simple clicks, and you can follow deliveries closely. The precise reports provide a clear picture of the state of purchase orders.

A Tamperproof System

The DEEP Blue team needs to maintain the security of the system. Due to all the approvals and user access permissions, nobody can destroy the system. It’s very secure and tamper-proof with a history tab that records everything that is done with the user who has done it.

To cut a long story short, DEEP Blue Soft is a software that has it all. Not only ten brilliant modules that will make your life onboard easier but a skilled team behind it to ensure that your time and money are not wasted with unlimited training and support.

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