Why the superyacht industry is turning to Pinpoint Works for refit and maintenance planning.

There’s no doubt the superyacht industry is booming. Amid this growth period of the global superyacht fleet, demands on yacht service, maintenance, and refit resources are increasing.

To adapt, it will be imperative for the industry to revisit and revise practical working processes. This shift will be particularly important for companies reluctant to swap to more modern, efficient practices – “adapt or die,” as the saying goes.

With most yachts undergoing a shipyard maintenance period annually or bi-annually, substantial time and money are dedicated to the upkeep and preventative maintenance in their lifetime. Terms such as ‘lifecycle management’– how to optimize each stage of a yacht’s life – will be increasingly heard in conversations as the industry searches for more pragmatic yacht management practices.

Given the extensive material and personnel resource allocation for these projects, Pinpoint Works Founder James Stockdale sums it up nicely: “Seamless work list management is critical to successful communication and collaboration between specialist teams. It’s become an essential commodity of the superyacht industry.”

The question is: How can processes be improved to facilitate effective communication and collaboration during these refits and shipyard periods to optimize both the asset and our time?

Old ways of working with notepads, Excel sheets, and email chains are still regularly being used due to a reluctance to move to more advanced systems. But in the digital age, these methods are outdated, unprofessional, and costly due to their inherent inefficiencies. Pinpoint Works was created to challenge these methods by improving communication and organization of tasks through a simple and user-friendly platform – a true upgrade in work list management for the yachting industry.

The Chief Officer onboard 75m, MY Huntress, describes his experience with Pinpoint Works: Pinpoint has been an absolute game changer onboard MY Huntress, and I believe it has revolutionized the yachting industry in terms of monitoring shipyard works, general ships maintenance, and helping departments communicate efficiently & effectively onboard.”

Using Pinpoint Works to define a detailed scope of works before a refit or general yard period, stakeholders can document, facilitate, and coordinate the required work using a vessel’s GA (general arrangement), creating a real-time, interactive work list. One simple platform replaces the historical ways of working.  Adding photos, videos, and documents help clarify the detail of works with a precise location of works on the yacht’s unique GA, making it clear for contractors to locate where they’re needed when onboard. This scope of work can be used to source reliable cost comparisons between shipyards, allowing for better budgeting. Keeping communication open and transparent means crew, management, owners, contractors, and project managers can work together more efficiently.

Pinpoint Works has been adopted and implemented by +350 superyachts, hundreds of smaller pleasure yachts, and dozens of companies within the superyacht industry, including some of the largest, most prestigious shipyards in the world.

There are numerous benefits of having one place where everyone can see up-to-date information in real-time. However, the time/cost savings based on improved communication and fast implementation make using Pinpoint Works a worthy investment for Captains, operational crew, and project managers.

If you’re not already leveraging an intuitive digital solution to project manage your refits and shipyard periods, it’s time to get started.

Pinpoint Works uses the latest technology in web and mobile apps and can be used during all lifecycles of a yacht: build, warranty, operation, refit, repaint, and surveys.

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