Shaking up your on-board 

You have spent millions on the yacht of your dreams, the ambience that you experience on-board needs to be perfect. Superyacht Technology meet with Miles Cantley, Co-Founder and Brand Visionary of Viveur at the Monaco Yacht Show; their focus is on creating total immersive experiences including temperature, humidity, scent, sound, colour and brightness. 


Using technologies mostly applied to the building and high-end residential environments, Viveur ensures that you don’t even notice the systems under the surface of your yacht, and that they work for you even when you’re not looking.


Like lighting scenes or 3D virtual reality experiences, they create a set of ambiences for your perfect interior. Comprising acoustic, thermal, olfactory and visual elements, they provide a bespoke sensory experience just for your personal space. All selectable at the touch of a button or voice command.


With advances in an optimum distribution of airflow round any space, avoiding any grilles or diffusers, or any other visual disturbance to the interior décor their technology spreads the airflow around the entire ceiling, creating a very gentle sensation of air movement everywhere.  Featuring advanced molecular breakdown and diffusion of essential oils throughout the space, it is possible to create powerful and memorable experiences by tailoring the scent applied to each interior space.

Starting from your needs and first principles, Viveur conceptualise solutions that fit the need. Experience, engineering nous, materials technologies and information technologies are combined to create genuinely new results. A creative process both constrained and liberated by science and technology.


The experience on-board is yours and the ambience should be tailored directly to you.