Crestron Masters 2020 Virtual

Welcome to Crestron Masters 2020 Virtual–all of the online, interactive courses you need to continue your professional development and advancement. Taught by all the same Masters Instructors and created with all the same rigor and expertise. Taking Masters 2020 online represents a commitment to training and our industry that remains unwavering. Below you’ll find all the information you need to successfully complete your Master of Technology Architect Certification and/or maintain your Master Programmer Certification.

Master Technology Architect Certification

The classes below are still open to all eligible dealers and partners to take, but applications for MTA Certification are no longer being accepted

  • Live webinars are scheduled from May 5th–May 29th, 2020
  • Courses are offered once a day beginning at 11:00am EST
  • Courses are interactive and last 60-90 minutes

Master Certified Programmer

Open to MCPs who have passed their exam as of April 15th, 2020

Certified Programmers will receive an email invitation in the second week in May to register for the MCP courses.

  • Courses are scheduled from June 2nd –June 19th, 2020
  • Courses will be offered at 8:30 EST and repeated at 16:30 EST
  • Courses are interactive and last 90 minutes with Q&A wrap afterwards.
  • Please see the available courses below

Requirements for Credit:

  1. Must have attended the following Webinars (Live or Recorded)
    • 4 Series Under the Hood
  2. Must attend two of the four following live classes
    • Programming for the Cloud (MPG-501)
    • PowerShell Lab (MPX 402)
    • Crestron Certified Drivers (MFX-201)
    • Accessing and Encrypting Network Services through Programming (MSE-501)
  3. Must attend and complete all coursework for one of the three following:
    • C# (MSS-501/502) – Sections 1-3
    • HTML5 LAB (MUX-501) – Sections 1-3
    • C# Advanced (MSS-601) – Sections 1-3 (Invitation Only)

Note: As an MCP, if you opt to not take one of the C# classes or the HTML5 Lab, you must complete all of the MTA requirements to maintain your Certification for 2020.