At Monaco Yacht Show Dutch yacht designers Sinot, unveiled their model for the worlds first hydrogen-powered superyacht.  A hot topic as we were constantly asked about eco-friendly advances within the industry.

The proposed superyacht would be powered entirely by fuel cell technology and liquid hydrogen.  Therefore the only emissions would be water! The revolutionary technology system will rely on two 28 ton vacuum isolated tanks, which will be stored at a temperature of -253c.  The liquid hydrogen is then converted into electrical energy by proton exchange membrane (PEN) fuel cells. The generated electrical energy is then transmitted to the yachts switchboards, where it is distributed to provide power.

Sander Sinot stated ‘our challenge was to implement fully operational liquid hydrogen and fuel cells in a superyacht which is not only groundbreaking in technology, but also in design and aesthetics”.

This model though doesn’t just represent a dream, it is the design concept development of a 112-meter superyacht required for forward-looking owners, with interest in cutting edge technology.  Artists impressions show a 5 deck yacht, with an on-board infinity pool and helipad.  While there are no immediate plans to build this, it is an interesting concept in superyacht technology.

Hydrogen-powered superyacht.

For more information view the website for Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design here.