Yachting is all about the experience of travel and distance, and a big part of that is going to those out-ot-the-way, previously unvisited remote places. If you had the opportunity to go anywhere, of course, you will want to take your guests to the most untouched, beautiful areas.  

However, the requests of owners need to be carefully considered by the captain and crew to ensure that they are not taking risks when venturing into these poorly charted or at times uncharted corners of the world. 

Risk assessment onboard your superyacht 

The luxury of superyacht ownership and travel should be as carefree and enjoyable as possible.  However, there are many concerns for owners and captains.  Paramount is keeping family, friends, crew, and charter guests safe at all times. 

As well as keeping all the guests and crew safe, it is the captain and crew responsibility to keep the owners’ investment safe.  Also, in these new poorly chartered environments, there is a higher likelihood of collisions causing damage to the yacht and the underwater ecosystem.  

Preventing collisions and damage to underwater ecosystems 

A very important piece of technology that should be installed on all typical bridge navigation systems is the technology to know what is under the water in front of your yacht right now. 

Invest in equipment that assists the crew in safely getting the yacht to all destinations.  FarSounder has a range of Argos Forward-Looking marine navigation systems that generate 3D images at navigationally significant ranges. These systems are being used in many yachts, as well as cruise ships and other large vessels. 

Investing in the navigation toolbox by adding FarSounder’s Argos Forward-Looking Sonar will substantially lower these risks and prevent costly damage to your yacht, property, the environment, marine life and human lives.  

FarSounder – Argos Forward Looking Sonar 

FarSounders innovative sonar technology alerts captains and crew to obstacles in the water column and shallow bottoms up to 1000 meters in front of the vessel in 3D and in real-time. This allows the crew to safely and confidently navigate challenging waters to get passengers safely to exclusive locations. Keeping the risks to people, marine life, and the vessel at bay. With varying transducer sizes offered: the Argos 350, 500, and 1000, there is a sonar system well-suited for a variety of yacht types, lengths and hull shapes. 

Create big adventures ahead, safely, so that you can travel to your owners and charter guest demands.  

Find out more about FarSounder’s Argos products, their Software Development Kit (SDK) for navigation sonars which enable developers to integrate sonar data directly into your products, including the SonaSoft software visit their website on www.farsounder.com 

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