Exhaust emissions, noise, wastewater and solid waste are just some of the problems that the yachting industry is guilty of when it comes to ocean pollution.  The superyacht industry has already started taking steps and is working towards trying to be greener (read our article here).

Philippe Briand’s new 60-metre sailing superyacht concept SY200 is one of the new more efficient vessels that aims to be zero emissions. SY200 is just a concept for the time being, but given the boom in interest in greener means of travel, whether on water or on land, being commissioned to be built is probably a matter of time.

SY200 superyacht concept - photo © Philippe Briand

SY200 superyacht concept – photo © Philippe Briand

Whilst following in the footsteps of the famous Black Pearl who lead the way for zero-emission sailing superyachts, the SY200 will be fully sail-powered, capable of more than 20 knots (in optimal conditions) and equipped with underwater turbines generating electricity to power a 20-tonne battery. The zero-emissions vessel supplies all its power needs and the power system is silent when at anchor.  Its name is derived from its size: it’s 200 feet long (62.85 m).

Designed with minimal hull lines and expansive decks, the basic layout features 4 spacious guest cabins and a master suite that takes up an entire deck and comes with his and hers bathrooms, office space, and a private terrace with jacuzzi. The SY200 also has living space for up to 12 crew members below deck.

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