Gerber Consultancy aim is to keep maximising the owner’s dining experience, the future dining of superyachts moves forward by a Mega Yacht Chef experience. The persisted project management ensures that your gallery is operational and guest-ready as it leaves the shipyard.

The considerations of operation budgets, optimum storage, stock rotation procedures and productive system that is between the Gallery and the Dining room is ensured that its stocked with the correct equipment and provisions.

The service respects the owner’s finances and ensure that the Chefs skills is met to a high standard, within the budget and to avoid the waster provisions.


Gerber Consultancy takes care of the core points:
  • Selecting  the right equipment for the cooking & service needs according to the boat’s nature (crockery, serving crockery, electrical appliances etc)
  • Proper products storage
  • Organising pantries
  • Integrating ergonomics with a respect to its principles
  • Organising  food storage’s
  • Setting up inventories
  • Budgets plans to stock up
  • Provisioning
  • Menus
  • Chefs’ schedules