Yachting delivers the ultimate experience at sea, with luxuries that make each voyage memorable. Waterskis and kayaks, jet packs and seabobs for the adventurous. Swimming pools, jacuzzies and spas for relaxation. Private theaters and game rooms for entertainment.

The most desired feature aboard, however, is invisible. It is less an amenity and more a necessity. And it is one of the most difficult to provide in the flawless manner that yacht owners and charterers expect. What is it? Internet connectivity.

The high-speed connections so readily available on land now need to follow owners
and guests aboard. But delivering a high-quality online experience whether in-port or mid-ocean is something very few companies can do. The world’s leader is Speedcast.

Read the Speedcast white paper to find out more:  In this white paper, we take you inside the technology and operations that make internet at sea a reality and provide the connections, information, news and entertainment that adds so much to life aboard.

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