Look at your phone or tablet. How many apps have you got? How many of them are pointless, complicated, or unused? Even trying to message somebody can leave you bewildered with choices: WhatsApp, Messenger, Email, iMessage, or even a plain old SMS.

So, when coordinating the applications and inventory of a yacht, or even a fleet, you can imagine those problems multiply a hundredfold—so many spreadsheets, apps, and platforms, along with inadequate software.

If you miss one message or command, it could create untold havoc and expense.

With yacht technology becoming ever-more complex, the bombardment of alerts will only increase.

There is an answer

And it’s like sailing from choppy churning seas into mirror-like calm: DEEP Blue Soft. Over two hundred yachts use DEEP Blue, including multiple international management companies and family offices.

DEEP Blue Soft is user-friendly Yacht Management Software: everything together on one intuitive platform and fully integrated with ten modules to cover every aspect of craft, crew and shore operations.

The ultimate time saver

More than anything, DEEP Blue saves time, a valuable resource on a busy vessel.

It’s easy to see how the platform, released in 2013, soon gained a reputation for being an industry-leading software for yacht management.

The learning curve is rapid, and you don’t need a PhD in computer sciences to harness this leviathan of yacht management systems. Bringing everyone together and sharing procedures on one system makes for plain sailing – value, transparency, and security are all increased.

An end to inventory headaches

With spreadsheets so easy to alter and corrupt, it’s no wonder that keeping track of inventory is so time-consuming for interior departments. They are notoriously difficult to follow changes and most people have their own methodology for setting up a spreadsheet which makes it hard for others to use

They are ploughing through Excel or generating paper reports, looking for uniforms, electronics, wine, art, furniture, and many other items. Indeed, the team at DEEP Blue are amazed that more owners don’t want to know the value of their inventories: perhaps it’s because they have been so challenging to track in the past.

Moreover, when an owner has inventory that gets moved between different yachts and villas, you may find yourself juggling inventory on three or more platforms. It’s reassuring that you can customise locations, including shoreside storage, villas and other crafts in the fleet.

Visual inventory makes life a breeze

The inventory catalogue on DEEP Blue is highly visual.

Filters and a powerful search engine allow you to locate items quickly. Keep a record of stock levels, articles issued to the crew, damages and history. And those snappy QR codes make tracking objects between various crafts and villas from your mobile device faster than ever.

Dynamic, customisable reports are only a few clicks away. For example, an owner wants to know about their wine cellar, or an insurer wants a detailed valuation report. Add filters and a few details, and have precise stock levels and locations with the value accurately summed up.

Users can give and receive approvals with a time-stamped history of all alterations.

Keeping track becomes a breeze rather than a gale-force nightmare.

The customisable structures allow the users to build yacht-specific organisational architecture from which they will populate a rich database of inventory that will prove invaluable to the owner or during a resale process.

Take action

It’s not just an increase or decrease in stock amounts.  It is so much more. Effectively track items such as uniforms, radios and mobile phones using the Issue to Crew action.  Do post-season stock checks by category or location.  Filter on low-level stock, add to the Wishlist and add a purchase priority so there are no questions about what supply is running low when doing a purchase order.

Get approval to make that order

The Purchase Order module is the ultimate team player, connecting Inventory and Finance with one click.

Reduce unnecessary spending by preventing over-purchasing. The latest addition to the DEEP Blue programme allows users to create purchase orders with an optional multi-level approval system.  Send a quote directly to Finance when the items have been ordered.

Follow your deliveries closely with the ability to receive full or partial orders.

Like the other modules, the reports will provide a clear picture of the status of your purchase orders. They detail pending deliveries and open or completed orders. This will allow the financial team to follow the orders and be sure they don’t overpay for goods not received or request credit notes when required.

Essential as an anchor

Robust software needs an ingenious team behind it. At DEEP Blue, they listen to their clients and continuously take feedback from the crew and the yachting experts to aid in the ongoing evolution. The team is deeply committed to offering a personalised experience to support their client’s needs in a timely and friendly manner with advice, technical help and quick problem-solving.

DEEP Blue Soft is essential for existing and new build yachts as an anchor. Don’t set sail without it.

Visit DEEP Blue Soft at the Superyacht Technology Network Show & Conference, they are the VIP Delegate Sponsor and exhibiting at booth 5.

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