Trip the Light Fantastic with ETTLIN LUX®

You may well wonder what could possibly bring interior design, fabric design, lighting design and AV together. As ever in this rapidly evolving sector, the result is a spectacular solution for the immersive AV experience. Whether installed in a private cinema or shared entertainment space, ETTLIN LUX® creates a stunning visual display. Magical effects are created using minimal space for maximum impact.


It’s a kind of MAGIC

The unique ETTLIN fabric interacts with linear or plane light sources behind the material creating luminous 3-D patterns, which can respond to 3-D sound. The visual display can be static to create a sense of depth and colour or can be used to produce a moving display, reacting to audiovisual signals. In either case, the ETTLIN LUX® installation creates an optical illusion of more depth to the room. As space is always limited on even the grandest superyachts, this brilliant convergence of design technologies offers engineers and interior designers unlimited options.

Private Cinema with Exquisite Design

ETTLIN LUX® is a patented fabric, used globally in a variety of luxury environments.  Beautiful displays grace reception areas in major hotels and corporate environments. AV applications include live performance and clubbing experiences. As passionate aficionados of private cinema, we can see endless possibilities for exquisite design. We are proud to be in partnership with this progressive and inspiring company.

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