When sourcing and buying IT for a superyacht, there is a plethora of considerations for ETOs and ITOs to think about. It is not only a case of getting the best technology onboard to suit the owner’s every need in each part of the vessel, but also sourcing it in the most cost-effective way. It can be difficult for one person to keep up to date with all the latest trends – such as IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data, IP communications and data security – for the vast amount of tech used on a superyacht.

To give technical staff one less thing to think about, we called in Roland de Haas, Senior Account Manager at Infotheek Marine to run through the key IT needs on a vessel and give us some options of the best technology for the job, drawing on the company’s 26 years of experience as an IT partner in the Marine and Offshore industry.


Wi-Fi Access points

Strong internet should be available everywhere on a yacht. With proper IT-infrastructure and by adding several Wi-Fi access points onboard, the availability of the Wi-Fi network opens up to allow for owners, guests and crew to enjoy apps, games and videos via an enhanced connection, wherever they are on the yacht. This can even extend to space around the yacht, providing Wi-Fi for 50-100 metres surrounding the vessel.

The 802.11ac standard has been on the market for several years, but in 2015 the new Wave 2 standard was introduced. Wave 2 has updated benefits like Multi-User MIMO, meaning the access point can handle multiple mobile devices. With the ever-growing number of mobile devices on board this is a feature which every yacht could benefit from. Wave 2 also offers the user four spatial streams, instead of the three provided with Wave 1.

The use of Wave 2 technology on a yacht increases bandwidth from 80MHz to 160MHz, which doubles the theoretical throughput from 433Mbps to 866Mbps. This is why we always strongly advise its use. However, Wave 2 access points use more power than Wave 1, so please check the power of your infrastructure design before considering installation.


Every yacht today has multiple devices onboard and needs a fast and secure network. Switches are responsible for collecting and distributing data in a network, and so are very important in achieving this. Network switches such as those by Cisco deliver performance and security. They are also scalable. Infotheek Marine can create innovative designs for LAN infrastructures on superyachts, and is currently helping many ETOs and integrators in their mission to create the most functional design.

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