The last few months have made us all review our normal practices and have to review what our practices will be in the future to provide greater safety and protection.

For life on a yacht that means reducing the point of contact to crew and guests, especially from unknown visitors.  The DMN08 system recognises whether someone is wearing a mask or not and measures the temperature of the person standing in front of the display, reliably and contactless.

DMN Digital Face ScannerIn case of high temperature and/or the absence of a mask, the DMN08 Doorman sends an audio warning signal and displays the corresponding visual. A warning light can optionally be switched on. In combination with the available hand sanitizer, people can even disinfect their hands before entering.

In addition to health protection, another area of ​​application could be employee management. The DMN08 can recognize faces and can allow employees to enter, but not grant access to strangers. Coupled with the integrated NFC detection function, a double-check could ensure even more security.

DMN Digital Face ScannerFor more information read here.


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