YachtEye is software that seamlessly connects your yacht, crew, guests and family on one platform to create a better experience and share the fun. Use YachtEye on and off-board, on your phone, tablet, computer or TV, wherever you are.

Curious about how YachtEye creates better yachting experiences? Read more below.

Making your crew supercrew

YachtEye makes your crew supercrew by giving crew the tools they need for peak performance, and providing guests with 24/7 access to the information they need, freeing up crew time to focus on delivering excellence.


• Easily create and manage the daily schedule in minutes, and share it with guests and other crew members to ensure everyone is happy and informed about the day’s activities.

• Build exciting itineraries in minutes that wow your guests using YachtEye’s Destination Database, choosing from thousands of destinations, each with descriptions, recommendations and images.

• Guests can browse food, drink and treatment menus so they know exactly what’s on offer on their mobile phones.

• Guests can access real-time data about the yacht and the journey, such as the yacht’s position, the water temperature and the depth of the water below. The Yacht Radar feature provides access to information about other yachts in the area. This frees up valuable time for the crew to provide even better service.

• Crew can use the Tender Tracker feature on the TV screen in the bridge or on their mobile phone to access real-time information about the exact location and arrival time of tenders carrying guests, crew or provisions.

Always connected to your yacht

With YachtEye, you are always connected to your yacht. Check in on your yacht from home, the office or on the road. Wherever you are in the world, through the YachtEye mobile and web application, you can enjoy 24/7 access to your yacht.


• Get live updates about your yacht, such as tracking its live location, local temperature, cruising speed and journey history and trajectory from anywhere in the world.

• Get excited for your next adventure by taking inspiration from YachtEye’s Destination Database and photo gallery. Once inspired, create itineraries for future trips onboard using the Itineraries feature.

• Satisfy your curiosity with YachtEye. Check out the location of your friends’ yachts, or discover the yachts nearby yours.

Your onboard digital companion

YachtEye is your digital companion. Enjoy a comprehensive and interactive experience for yacht owners, guests, and crew.

Below are some examples of how YachtEye’s digital companionship enhances the onboard experience:

12:00 – The crew welcomes you onboard and whilst you walk through your yacht all TVs are turned on to YachtEye on the welcome screen. It displays a welcome message, the weather forecast, the itinerary for the trip and the latest updates on the newsfeed.

12:30 – While exploring the yacht, you receive a notification on your YachtEye mobile app that the yacht is about to depart from the marina. You click the notification and glance through the Itinerary for the day, prepared earlier by the crew, and read more about the upcoming destination.

13:00 – While cruising, you relax on a sun bed on the sundeck with the rest of the guests. Everyone is excited for lunch, and you check the Schedule on the iPad to learn more about what the chef is preparing. In the Menu section, you browse the wine list together and select a bottle of white wine to enjoy with lunch.

13:30 – During lunch, a beautiful yacht passing by on starboard catches your attention. Using Yacht Radar, you identify the yacht and learn all about her characteristics, specifications, builder and more.

14:30 – As you are enjoying a coffee on bridge deck aft, you receive a notification on the YachtEye newsfeed that you will be anchoring at your destination in 15 minutes. The Captain has chosen a breathtaking remote bay. You excitedly explore the tenders and toys that are on offer, from Seabobs to eFoils, and request that the crew prepare them in advance.

20:30 – You have finished a delicious dinner onboard, and now you and the other guests are reminiscing on a great day over drinks while watching the sunset on the horizon. You each share stories of the day’s events while scrolling through the YachtEye Gallery for photos from lunch and dinner and videos from the afternoon’s water sports activities.

The fun starts before your trip

The fun starts before your trip with YachtEye. Give friends, family or charter guests (limited) access to your YachtEye prior to embarkation.


• Get future guests excited and prepared for upcoming trips. Invited users can browse itineraries, view the daily schedules, read the food, drink and treatment menus and find out about all of the different tenders and toys on offer. With YachtEye, the fun starts before you and your guests step onboard.

• Invited users have access to crew profiles to get a head start and learn all about the crew that will be making their yachting experience excellent. It is possible to view their names, positions, pictures and written biographies.

The ultimate tool for superyacht enthusiasts

Yacht Radar is a powerful tool for all yachting enthusiasts. With Yacht Radar, both owner and guests can become yachting experts and satisfy their curiosity with access to extensive information about other yachts in the area at their fingertips. From yachts passing by, to other yachts docked in the bay, YachtEye provides comprehensive information about nearby yachts, so you never have to ask for help to identify yachts again.


• Discover in-depth details about other yachts in the area or passing by in real time. View their journey history and trajectory, photographs, characteristics and specifications, such as their builder, naval architects, build year, length, designers and more.

Get inspired – Itineraries and destinations

Use YachtEye to get inspired. Browse the Travel Inspiration section to get ideas for your next family vacation or create an itinerary for your dream trip.


• Explore YachtEye’s Destination Database and learn about thousands of destinations. Read expertly written descriptions and browse photo galleries about global destinations, from the most famous bustling beaches to tranquil remote islands.

• Find inspiration for your upcoming trips in the YachtEye Travel Inspiration section, reading articles about mesmerising destinations across the world.

• Start building itineraries for your upcoming adventures in the Itineraries section.

To discover more about YachtEye and find out more about how it can improve your yachting experience, visit the website or book a demo here. You can also reach us via email at sales@yachteye.com.