For crew, making sure they mix the perfect drink to match guests’ orders is just one of a long list of tasks that need to be achieved in a day. This can mean that, very occasionally, drinks can go wrong, causing time to be wasted making fresh ones and guests to get progressively thirstier.

Eliminating this problem completely could be achieved by delegating to robots. This is a trend that has already begun to make some impact in the marine world, with some cruise ships using the technology to ease busy times at the bar. Last week, Las Vegas bar the Tipsy Robot opened, claiming to be the world’s first land-based bar to use robotic bartenders.

These robot bartenders could be an amazing time-saver for crew if installed at bars on board a superyacht. Guests can use a tablet to select and order their drinks, and it then takes the robots a maximum of 90 seconds to prepare each beverage, no matter how specialist the drink. The robots can be programmed to blend precise quantities for whichever drinks you know are your guests’ favorite, meaning perfect drinks every time; a win for crew, guests and owners alike.