Showcasing at the Abu Dhabi International Boat Show right now (16-19 October) is the revolutionary Foiler, built by UAE based company Enata.  The new 2020 version of the Foiler, named the world’s first flying yacht, uses four retractable foils, lifts itself out of the water at 1.5m above the waves as soon as it reaches a speed of 18 knots, and gives its passengers a sensation of flight, yet a smooth and quiet take off and landing. Offering increased fuel efficiency, along with incredible comfort, stability, speed, safety, without causing any sea sickness.

Additional benefits are that the 2020 Foiler keeps you dry from spray and splashes, and avoids the usual discomforts such as back pain from bumpy rides. With a cutting-edge
hull design and ground-breaking hydrofoil technology, the Foiler delivers ultimate comfort.

Like all authentically high-end luxury yachts, the Foiler is fully customisable. The 2020 Foiler model features a significant technical upgrade. The hybrid propulsion system
has been replaced with a more efficient industrial-grade hydraulic propulsion system that is
extremely reliable and durable. It is powered by twin V8 marine diesel engines, providing a total of 740hp. Enata has conducted extensive research to further minimise the drag of the torpedoes powering the Foiler, which has led to a significant increase in speed and efficiency.

The new propulsion system is exceptionally quiet; you would be surprised by the very low and futuristic sound of this new vehicle.

To be both light and strong, the Foiler is fully built in carbon fibre. At the touch of a button, the hydrofoils are completely retracted so the Foiler can be used as a normal yacht, giving you the option to sail in shallow waters of just 60cm depth, and to dock.

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