When promising a premium on-board experience, flawless delivery of services- for entertainment, business and safety is paramount. To achieve this, technology and connectivity must mirror that which people are accustomed to on land. Maintaining this experience takes knowledgeable and dedicated teams, as guests and owners expect only the best; from state-of-the-art theatres showing the latest entertainment content to high-speed communications that make connecting whenever they want, wherever they are, possible.  

Connectivity for every facet of life on a yacht must seamlessly support everything-from business applications, to HD video streaming, web browsing, real-time information and safety procedures behind the scenes. No interruptions can be afforded, so connected services need access to a global communications infrastructure with enough capacity in the right places.  

When travelling from one destination to another it is imperative that the yachts maintain seamless connectivity as they go from shore to the middle of the sea, and interchange between various access technologies or remote networks. Automated management systems of today enable yachts to maintain communication as they move in and out of various satellite beams’ coverage areas or switch from a VSAT connection to LTE. Systems like this can analyse, predict and mitigate any communication challenges from rain fade to network congestion without manual intervention, offering on-board guests and crew continued connectivity with no downtime. This offers a communications solution that adapts to conditions within the global network and ensures reliability.  

Additionally, to deliver flawless connectivity, the network provided must be personalised exactly to the customer’s or yacht’s needs at any given time. This requires specialised knowledge, deep experience, and collaboration with marine technology outfitters on a regular basis, to ensure that the bandwidth needs are being met for everything from a casual day at sea to a special VIP event onboard, where a surge in bandwidth may be required at a moment’s notice. A single partner that can help provide systems design and integration, procurement and logistics, installation, testing and crew training to ensure a custom fit to requirements means a perfect fit. 

With use of the world’s largest satellite network from Speedcast and a customized solution to meet the personal demands of owners, guests and crew, a solid solution is in place to provide first-class connectivity that offers a premium experience today and into the future. With that being said, no network will be completely without its challenges- but Speedcast is committed to leveraging its dedicated yacht team and automated monitoring solutions to mitigate concerns or issues before anyone on-board is affected. Backed by a team of 250 field engineers and technicians in 40 nations worldwide for 24×7 help whenever and wherever the yacht sails, Speedcast will ensure that challenges are resolved quickly and professionally, and most often can initiate remote diagnostics and work with crew to resolve problems without having to step foot onboard.   

Speedcast has been a reliable, trusted connectivity provider for over 20 years to passenger maritime customers from the world’s largest yachts to long-haul ferries and the premier global cruise ship brands. Using more than 95 satellites and 40 teleports compromising every band and orbit available with an extensive network of cellular, fiber and microwave networks, Speedcast supplies more bandwidth than any other provider in the industry. It is the premier partner that customers rely on globally to keep people in touch, even when they’re onboard to escape and relax. 

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