Green Innovation, Energy Design & Smart Control

Ensuring safety on board your yacht is essential; having optimum propulsion systems for your vessel and control systems ensures not only that safety, but also lower emissions and added value. 

When considering the energy sources available it’s wise to work with a company steeped in competence and knowledge in environmentally friendly, design efficient solutions. 

As a world leading supplier of zero emission and hybrid solutions, Norwegian Electric Systems AS are ready to take on new challenges whilst adapting and integrating new technology for the global marine market and have become a world leading supplier within energy design. 

Energy Design 

They have introduced the phrase ‘Energy Design’ to the maritime industry to encompass their knowledge of vessel operations and competence of integrating the latest available energy sources which give them the opportunity to design optimal propulsion systems for your vessel. 

As a collaborator and a system supplier, they see their focus now is to be involved at an early stage of yacht design, participating in the design phase and collaborating with both owner & designer in order to ensure all aspects of the Energy Design phase are met. 

For some yachts, batteries will be sufficient but for larger vessels and longer routes batteries will not have enough power or capacity. Investigating the options available to you is all part of their role.  With expertise in fuel cells powered by hydrocarbons and the integration of liquid hydrogen tanks along with required fuel delivery systems.  They have recently worked on the largest fuel cell ever seen on a large vessel, being fed hydrogen from liquid storage instead of the more frequently used compressed gas. Batteries are then used to store additional energy to make the system truly emissions free. 

Fuel cell development for maritime use has evolved rapidly from the first low-powered versions that were fuelled mostly by LNG and seen as replacements for auxiliary-power systems a little over a decade ago, to much more powerful systems today that have the potential to be used instead of primary engines providing propulsion. 

As a complete supplier of navigation, automation and power systems services working with Norwegian Electric Systems means that it is easier for the customers to only have one company to deal with.  A company with a broad competence platform that makes it easier to develop better system solutions that ensure the best results. 

Smart Control 

As technology grows, expectations grow and demands for more efficient and safe operations, calls for smarter vessels.  Smart Control is a flexible software platform and new solution for navigation, automation and control, which ensures safety by smart and easy operation for current and future yachts.  

Norwegian Electrical Systems is located in strong maritime Clusters in Norway, with head office in Bergen and site offices in Ålesund and Bergen. Norwegian Electrical Systems are responsible for getting some of the most advanced batteries and PEM fuel cells onto modern ships.  The company is an innovative, high-tech electrical company with a focus on diesel electric and hybrid electric systems for the global market. 

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